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Image for Finnish photographer Katharina Bosse brings US burlesque to Paris

Finnish photographer Katharina Bosse brings US burlesque to Paris

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In the very first edition of the Paris Burlesque Festival, 2001 images by the Finnish, Germany-based photographer are being exhibited in an attempt to 're-appropriate female stereotypes in a contemporary context, in a political, social, racial, sexual, and gender dimension'. The first European festival of its kind is held at the Bellevilloise venue between 22 and 25 October, and is curated by Juliette Dragon

Kitty Crimson, 2001 © Katharina Bosse

Born in Turku, Katharina Bosse grew up in Germany, where she studied visual communications and today teaches photography

Dirty Martiny (L) and Candy Whiplash (R), 2001 © Katharina Bosse

The 40-year-old worked in New York for six years, from where she tripped between New Orleans, Memphis, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Atlanta and Los Angeles to shoot these images between 2001-2002

Lorelei Lane, 2001 © Katharina Bosse

'The practices of burlesque in large (not only concerning strip) from historical to contemporary representation, and Queer proposal, are actually in full expansion on French stages,' explains Nathalie Amae, who is running the exhibition, and justifies its location in France

Kitten on the keys (L) and the world famous BOB (R), 2001 © Katharina Bosse

'Burlesque is an activism,' Amae continues. 'It examines and subverts the established norms of representation in a popular form. Katharina’s works explore the image of the performance or performer via a subtle staging. Each performer plays a character with a daily surrounding,' she adds, marking the difference between the traditional onstage nature of the performance

(Image: ©

The EU audience this weekend is expected to come in from the UK, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland

(Image: ©Cindy Gravelat)

The festival also features live performances from home-grown stars like Miss Marion, the 'French intellectual pin-up' who met in February 2009

Kitten DeVille, 2001 © Katharina Bosse

Catch the four-day event at 19-21 Rue Boyer, Paris, 75020 at metro Menilmontant/ Gambetta