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Image for "Even in our beds!" A de-colonial chat with Lucile Choquet

"Even in our beds!" A de-colonial chat with Lucile Choquet

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It all takes place on a bed. That's right, a bed. The artist Lucile Choquet is using this set as a kind of prop with which to question her 'racialized guests' about how their bodies are perceived in public space, and the place non-white people have in society. Choquet's work raises questions about the legacy of colonialism and, at the same time, aims to highlight "contemporary heroines and heroes."

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This series is part of a partnership with the French media platform Mr Mondialisation.

Cover image: Stéfano Vosa

Story by

Margot Houget

Former master student in journalism at the ULB (Brussels) and BA at Universität Augsburg, Germany

Translated from « Jusque dans nos lits » : un tête-à-tête décolonial avec Lucile Choquet