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EuroPod is a network of European podcasts which bring together journalistic, cultural and institutional views on political and societal trends in Europe and beyond. Cafébabel is a member of the network along with other European medias. Find here all podcasts of the EuroPod network.

War and Peace

War and Peace is a new podcast series from the International Crisis Group. Olga Oliker and Hugh Pope interview experts about all things Europe and its neighbourhood from Russia to Turkey and beyond. Their guests shed new light on everything that helps or hinders prospects for peace. A podcast by the International Crisis Group, produced by Bulle Media.

The Grassroots view

The Grassroots view, the new podcast series launched by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), explores the hot topics everyone seems to be debating these days, but it does so from a civil society perspective, bringing testimonies from actors on the ground and accounts from EESC members who represent their interests in Brussels. A podcast by the EESC, produced by Bulle Media.

The sounds of economics

The Sound of Economics brings you insights, debates, and research-based discussions on economic policy in Europe and beyond. The podcast is produced by Bruegel, an independent and non-doctrinal think tank based in Brussels. It seeks to contribute to European and global economic policy-making through open, fact-based and policy-relevant research, analysis and debate. A podcast member of the EuroPod Network. A podcast by Bruegel.

Local leaders for Europe

The Local Leaders for Europe podcast series is a collection of interviews conducted at the European Committee of the Regions (CoR), the EU's assembly of regional and local authorities. CoR members and young local politicians (YEPs), coming from all European Member States and different political families, express their views on current political issues, like climate change, migration and many more. A podcast by the European Committee of the Regions, produced by Bulle Media.

En Périphérie - FR

Countries like Armenia, Hungary or North Macedonia are a peripheral part of Europe in both a geographical and political sense. Their relationship with the EU is sometimes complicated. How do we analyze their proximity with the European construction? Let's get to hear people from the peripheries of Europe tell us about their daily life and feeling about Europe. A podcast by Cafébabel, produced by Bulle Media.

Explique-moi l'Europe - FR

Explique-moi l'Europe is a podcast series that deals with the functioning of European institutions and the main challenges the EU is confronted with. What are EU institutions accountable for? What consequences does the trade war between the United States and China bear for Europe? Each episode is about 7 minutes long. Explique-moi l’Europe provides everything you need to understand Europe. A podcast by Toute l'Europe, produced by Bulle Media.

Europa Reloaded - IT

Europa Reloaded is a podcast series produced by Bulle Media in partnership with, Café and with the support of the European Cultural Foundation. The podcast series aims at re-loading the debate on EU-integration, starting off from the voices of social movements across the Old Continent. Every episode features a reportage and interviews with experts. A podcast by Bulle Media, with Cafébabel and the support of the ECF.

Find all podcasts of the EuroPod network on all platforms and on Bulle Media, Toute l'Europe, VoxEurop, and Linkiesta.

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