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European cartoon competition: FAQ

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It seems - at least from the questions that some of you did after the old post - that few of you have the time to read the rules of the competition.

So I post a short FAQ:

1) I would like to join the competition but I am older than 16 and I am not attending any art school. FALSE The competition is for everyone who is AT LEAST 16 years old. And doesn't matter if you are or not a student.

2) Wow! I have 120 pages long comic never published, I send it all now! STOP

The comic must be one page long ('plate'). The theme is: citizenship in the European Union.

3) What the fuck!?! I have to do a comic without word?! Why don't they do a call only drawning?!? TRUE

The comic must not have word.

4) I live in Paris but I am Turkish so I can't participate because I am not a European citizen. You damn European *** FALSE

The completion is open to all the people who live in UE, it doesn't matter if they are not European citizen.

5) Did you talk about money? TRUE

6000\4000\2000 Euro for the winners.



Competition regulation here

Deadline: Friday 27 February 2009

Contact for UK (each country has different contact):

Global Voice UK (e2000)

Adam Hill

33 Seventh Avenue, Heaton

NE6 5YD Newcastle upon Tyne


Tel: 0845 463 2745

Fax: 0845 463 2745