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Erasmus-reporters at home in Europe

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At Home in Europe

They are aged between 20 and 26 and most of them Erasmus Students. Through their video reportages, shot in member countries of the European Union, they are our eyes and ears taking off to meet with our European civil society.

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The project “Citizen-reporter” puts a number of students in the spotlight. In the spirit of a true European ambassador, the Erasmus student becomes a citizen-reporter. In every city where the Erasmus students live and study, they go off to discover people, projects and various actions constructing European society.

Through the door that these students enter, they encounter the same attitudes with askance, apprehension and prejudice that we all can live or hold on to, sometimes unconsciously, towards people and realities that we know poorly. These young students are “border crossers” both literally and symbolically. They invite us to render our prejudice, to change our views and mentalities in order to give way to novelties and to enrichment thanks to their personal experience. 

This project has been funded with support from the programme 'Europe for Citizens' of the European Commission and from the Hippocrene Foundation.