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Image for Eddy Ekete: the artist using tin cans to critique our 'stupid age'

Eddy Ekete: the artist using tin cans to critique our 'stupid age'

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Arwen Dewey

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Standing there tall and wide in the street, making a huge noise, the vast presence of the 'Tin Can Man' surprises, shocks and inspires those that pass it by. Eddy Ekete, the Congolese artist, made this costume entirely from discarded rubbish, as a means of inspiring people to think about their relationship with the environment. Every year at Kinact, a festival of 'international encounters', he and dozens of other cultural actors come together to celebrate socially-engaged art.

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Story by

Léa Marchal

Babélienne depuis 2018, je suis désormais éditrice pour le nouveau média, et journaliste freelance dans les affaires européennes. J'ai piloté la série d'articles multimédia Generation Yerevan, ainsi que le podcast Soupe à l'Union, publiés sur Cafébabel.

Translated from Eddy Ekete : l'homme canette comme souvenir d'une « époque stupide »