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Manuel Monteiro

Paulo Sande

André Freire

Maurits van der Hoofd

On May 13th (Wednesday), around 6.30 pm, at the Fac. of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH) of Univ. Nova de Lisboa (UNL), at Avenida de Berna, there will be a debate entitled "The European Parliament and Citizenship," organized by the Lisbon team of the European CaféBabel magazine.

On the countdown to the European elections of June 7th, the CaféBabel Lisbon, in partnership with NECPRI (Centre for Studies of Political Science and International Relations), seeks to clarify / reflect on the importance of it, focusing on the theme of the proximity between the Parliament and the citizens, and the perception of the influence of the European Parliament on their lives.

Thus, were invited to the debate Manuel Monteiro, Paulo Sande, André Freire and Maurits van der Hoofd, with moderation of Paulo Barcelos (FCSH), in order to provide different perspectives on this issue, ensuring a dynamic and enlightening debate.


Theme: "The European Parliament and Citizenship"

Date: May 13th (Wednesday)

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Fac Social Sciences and Humanities (Univ. Nova Lisboa), Tower B, Aud. 2 (3rd floor)


Manuel Monteiro - Founder of the New Democracy Party

Paulo Sande - Director of the Office of the European Parliament, Portugal

André Freire - Political Scientist / Professor at ISCTE

Maurits van der Hoofd - militant of ALDE

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