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Image for Contemporary drawing fair in Paris: Gianluca Costantini

Contemporary drawing fair in Paris: Gianluca Costantini

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Sixty-three galleries will be investing this typically Parisian center in order to present contemporary drawing in all its diferents shapes and forms, upon various supports and through all imaginable techniques : from works on paper to video, from digital works to wall-drawings.

As in the previous years, exhibitors will present the work of one artist at least a third of their stand for visitors to get to know more about the work of a specific artist as a whole.

Salon du dessin contemporain - Paris, 26/29 March 2009 Gianluca Costantini exhibitions, gallery Miomao

interno_25.jpgGianluca Costantini shows 3 different works: DAILY IRAQ, text by Elettra Stamboulis

UNTITLED drawing art, check here

portodesanti_cover.jpgPORTO DEI SANTI, here