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Conference about Scandinavia

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Seems to be interesting: political, social and cultural analysis of the creation of the Scandinavian region. Nobody from Lithuania is presenting though. Nordic Spaces Midway Conference Vilnius 27 August 2009 Preliminary Programme Location: Hotel Panorama, Vilnius, Lithuania (near the bus station) 09.00-09.15 Welcome, Programme Manager Torbjörn Eng, Södertörn University

00     Keynote speaker: Dr Norbert Götz, Centre for Nordic Studies, University of Helsinki

                                           Fixed vs. Flexible Regimes: The Spatial Politics of Norden and the Baltic Sea Region                                              

10.00-17.10     Project presentations

10.00-10.40  Professor Peter Aronsson, Linköping University

                                            National History – Nordic Culture. Negotiating identity in the museum

10.40-11.00  Coffee

11.00-11.40     Dr Lizette Gradén, University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Stockholm

Nordic Spaces in the North and North America: Heritage Preservation in Real and Imagined Nordic places

11.40-12.20                        Professor Sverker Sörlin, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Arctic Norden: Science, Diplomacy and the Formation of a Post-War European North

12.20-13.20  Lunch

13.20-13.50  Dr Jonas Harvard, Mid Sweden University

Distant news and local opinion: How the telegraph affected spatial and temporal horizons in northern Scandinavia, 1850-1880

13.50-14.30  Professor Petri Hoppu, University of Tampere

                                           Dance in Nordic Spaces: The Formation of Corporeal Identities

14.30-15.00  Dr Sanna Turoma, University of Helsinki

                               Imperial Space and Beyond: Imaginative Geographies in Late Soviet Russian Culture

15.00-15.20          Coffee

15.20-15.50  Dr Valters Ščerbinskis, Riga Stradiņš University

Nordic Profile: The Image of the Nordic Community in Latvian Printed Mass Media from the end of XIX Century to XXI Century

15.50-16.30  Dr Pärtel Piirimäe, University of Tartu

Baltic regionalism. Constructing political space(s) in Northern Europe, 1800-2000

16.30-17.10  Dr Nicholas Aylott, Södertörn University 

                                           The Nordic Model of Democracy: Diffusion, Competition, Europeanisation