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Citizen-reporter at home in Europe

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André Bossuroy

At Home in Europe

Citizen-reporters open to the European civil society

ALL THE VIDEOS : Through their video reportages shot in 10 countries of EU, the project “Citizen-reporter” puts a number of students Erasmus in the spotlight. In the spirit of a true European ambassador, the Erasmus student becomes a citizen-reporter.

In every city where the Erasmus students live and study, they go off to discover people, projects and various actions constructing European society. The students are our eyes and ears. Indeed, it is they who guide us into their personal perception of Europe.

Producer: MEDIEL


In partnership with Cafebabel.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (Programme 'Europe for Citizens') and the Hippocrene Foundation.

Translated from Bei mir in Europa: Bürger-Reporter