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Image for Catch the 2009 World Press Photo exhibition in Budapest and Copenhagen

Catch the 2009 World Press Photo exhibition in Budapest and Copenhagen

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Poland, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands were some of the countries represented by the European photographers who featured heavily in the Amsterdam-based global image competition this year. The exhibition is currently on display in Budapest and Copenhagen. Click here to catch the exhibition in a city near you

Wojciech Grzedzinski, Poland, Napo Images for Dziennik

The first of three Poles featured in this slideshow won the 3rd prize 'Spot News Stories'. A woman cries as an apartment block burns, following the Russian air strike on Gori in the Georgian conflict, August 2008

Tomasz Gudzowaty, Poland, Yours Gallery/ Focus Foto und Presse Agentur

'3rd prize Sports Features Singles'. A young jockey stands beside a horse during the Naadam festival in Mongolia, July

Tomasz Wiech, Poland, Gazeta Wyborcza Krakow

'3rd prize Daily Life Singles'. An employee at Cap Gemini’s office in Krakow, Poland, makes himself breakfast at the office before the working day starts

Olivier Laban Mattei, France, Agence France-Presse

First of two French photographers: '3rd prize General News Stories'. A girl runs beside books laid out in the sun to dry, to receive food dropped from a passing boat, on May 23. Myanmar (Burma) cyclone aftermath. 

Jérôme Bonnet, France, Corbis Outline for Le Monde 2

'2nd prize Portraits Singles'. Dennis Hopper, 72, actor, director, painter and photographer, visited Paris in October during a retrospective of his work, and was made a commander in France’s National Order of Arts and Letters

Mashid Mohadjerin, Belgium, Reporters/Redux Pictures

'1st prize Contemporary Issues Singles'. Coastguards spot a boat carrying migrants on their way to the Italian island of Lampedusa

Pep Bonet, Spain, Noor for Positive Lives

'2nd prize Portraits Stories'. Raul Cotos aka Gladis is an occasional sex worker with HIV in San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras, with one of the highest instances of HIV in the country

Giulio Di Sturco, Italy, Agenzia Grazia Neri

'1st prize Arts and Entertainment Singles'. A model hurries backstage during the New Delhi design house Gauri & Nainika show, India Fashion Week, Delhi, October

Roger Cremers, the Netherlands

'1st prize Arts and Entertainment Stories'. Visitors walk through the grounds of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Poland

Chen Qinggang, China, Hangzhou Daily

'1st prize Spot News Singles'. Crews carry a survivor through the rubble of collapsed buildings in Beichuan city, two days after the 12 May earthquake that devastated parts of central China. 80% of the old part of the city was destroyed

Luiz Vasconcelos, Brazil, A Crítica/Zuma Press

'1st prize General News Singles'. A woman tries to resist police eviction of squatters on private land near the city of Manaus, in the state of Amazonas in Brazil

Yasuyoshi Chiba, Japan, Agence France-Presse

'1st prize People in the News Singles'. Maasai warriors clash with members of the Kalenjin tribe in the Trans Mara region of western Kenya on 1 March

Callie Shell, USA, Aurora Photos for Time

'1st prize People in the News Stories'. Michelle Obama naps on her husband’s shoulder while traveling across New Hampshire during the presidential campaign between January-October

Vincent Laforet, USA, for Newsweek

'1st prize Sports Action Stories'. Jose Antonio Guerra Oliva (Cuba) in the men’s semifinal of the 10-meter platform diving competition, Beijing Olympic Games in August

 Zhao Qing, China, China Youth Daily

'1st prize Sports Features Stories'. Chinese NBA basketball star Yao Ming in a Beijing shopping mall during the Beijing Olympic Games in August. More than 1.1 billion in China watched on TV

Carlos Cazalis, Mexico, Corbis

'1st prize Contemporary Issues Stories'. São Paulo’s elite Jockey Club. Over 10,000 people in the Brazilian metropolis São Paulo are homeless. The city authorities maintain 35 shelters for overnight stays, with a total capacity for 8,000 people

Brenda Ann Kenneally, USA, The Raw File

'1st prize Daily Life Stories'. Diana Jarron, a single mother with seven children, four of whom live with her in Troy, New York

Carlos F. Gutiérrez, Chile, Patagonia Press for Diario La Tercera

'1st prize Nature Singles'. Electrical discharges sparked by the heat of ash plumes light the night sky above Chaitén volcano in the Patagonia region of Chile which began erupting in early May, for the first time in 9,400 years. Thousands were evacuated from the surrounding area, with relatively few casualties, on 2 May

Steve Winter, USA, National Geographic Magazine

'1st prize Nature Stories'. Snow leopards in the Indian Himalayan area of Ladakh were photographed using remotely operated camera traps. The worldwide population is between 3,500 and 7,000

Anthony Suau, USA, for Time

The image you've all been waiting for: World Press Photo of the Year 2009. Detective Robert Kole of the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office enters a home in Cleveland, Ohio, on March 26, following mortgage foreclosure and eviction; along with repossession of homes, these were early signs of the growing US economic crisis