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Call for Stories of Young Entrepreneurs Across Europe

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Elina Makri

AthensBerlinRe Start Up Europe!

Fed up with the current economic system which graced us with the financial crisis? Want to see more solidarity and social behaviour in how we do business? Tell us your story about young entrepreneurs in Europe!

Against the back­ground of the global eco­nomic and fi­nan­cial cri­sis, many of us have started to won­der: Is the way we do busi­ness in the 21st cen­tury re­ally sane? Are there other ways of mak­ing money that are more so­cial, dri­ven a pro­found feel­ing of sol­i­dar­ity and the thoughts and mov­ti­va­tions of a younger gen­er­a­tion? What are the vi­sions for young en­tre­pre­neurs today?

Re­portage pro­ject restart up eu­rope!

What is it? Caféba­bel Greece and Cafébabel Berlin are launch­ing a new se­ries of re­port­ing across Eu­rope seek­ing to pub­lish sto­ries of young en­tre­pre­neurs with an op­tional focus on so­cial en­tre­pre­neur­ship or so­cial busi­ness sto­ries. 

Tell us sto­ries from your cities: Any good ideas turned to busi­ness? What's the story be­hind the team? How easy is it to bring any­thing into ex­is­tence? En­t­hu­si­asm, anath­ema, bull­dog de­ter­mi­na­tion, prob­lems, reg­u­la­tion, pitch­ing ideas for money, sto­ries of fail­ure. From the Start Up Visa to the Start Up man­i­festo,  a whirl­wind of change is tak­ing over Eu­rope.

Who can join?

Have a pen­chant for sto­ry­telling (text, video, slideshow, audio)? Send your draft to Elina Makri of Cafébabel Athens (e.​makri@​cafeba­bel.​com), Lil­ian Pi­than of Cafébabel Berlin (l.​pi­than@​cafeba­bel.​com) or Melanie Sueur (m.​sueur@​cafeba­bel.​com).

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