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On the night of the French elections, gathered around at The Centre, a think-do-tank in Brussels, to engage in a live online chat with journalists from around the continent. Among them was Simon O'Connor, editor at E!Sharp magazine, and Teresa Kuchler from Europolitique. Soon after the result had been made official, a discussion began to form on the implications for Europe.

Many agreed that capitals throughout the continent would be content with the outcome, seeing that renegotiating a new treaty with S. Royal would have been tough. As the discussion progressed, perspectives from other mebmer-states were put into the mix. Read on for an extract of the transcript!

Thamar - Today it has been five years since themurder on Pim Fortuyn, Bayrou has scared the pants of french politicians too. I think the pushing of another reaty will be killing for confidence in politicians

p.kaczynski - and Harry Potter is still around... (Balkenende)

Simon (E!Sharp) - But people in Spain don't care enough it to cause too much trouble to Zap.

Teresa Kuchler (Europolitique) - the most urgent now is probably be to start a mandateperiod in 2009 with the right commmission- that is one with fewer commissioners .... oh no, youre wriong about spain,k it is one of zapateros headaches

p.kaczynski - especially since the Spanish tournout was very low

Simon (E!Sharp) - They voted yes on a low turnout and with very little debate. And they are more worried about their housing market crashing than EU traeties...

Thamar - The Dutch government tries to please the people by demanding that national parliaments will have more influencei n EU, but I think they will accept any deal

Teresa Kuchler (Europolitique) - yes- but they still have rules to follow...

p.kaczynski - los espanoles y europa

Teresa Kuchler (Europolitique) - doesnt matter, zapatero is not allowed to overturn a popular vote and put in what he wants through the back door

Simon (E!Sharp) - Just watch him...

p.kaczynski - but Teresa, it will not be puting down the spanish vote, it will about about something "new"

Teresa Kuchler (Europolitique) - anyways, they are all expecting to have it on place before 2009 mandate. why do you think the new commissioners have such ridiculous portfolios- so they can sack them, maybe

p.kaczynski - who are they?

Simon (E!Sharp) -Anyway, a new treaty won't contain anything new, it will just not contain everything in the old one.

Teresa Kuchler (Europolitique) - except God, lets hope it at least

p.kaczynski - polish president said he is not expecting the new treaty to enter into force before 2011

Simon (E!Sharp) - I don't think Sarko is about to allow God a place in the new treaty...