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Image for Cafebabel Tallinn Open Its Doors to the Whole Estonia: Join In!

Cafebabel Tallinn Open Its Doors to the Whole Estonia: Join In!

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When less than a year ago we decided to start providing news more regularly, we had no idea about what it would have happened. The project about a video-news weekly report just got delayed becayse of the usual lack of resources and we thought that we were probably not going to have any more luck by writing.

After all we were starting from scratches in a sector that, let us be honest, is surely not kind with newbies.

But, as almost all the time when we started our long term planning, we were wrong.

One year later we more than duplicated the activity of readers in our pages, we gained a real BabelTallinn loyal audience together with a visibility some people decided to give us only because of the quality of our work.

New York Times linked to one of our posts, USA Today mentioned BabelTallinn in an article as a reliable source, Politika in Poland re-published us as Panorama di in Italy and so on...

I remember when I discovered a diplomat from Chile has been talking about our post on the Georgian war...We could not believe to our eyes.

Then, you might think, why did  you all stopped working for more than a month?

Fair enough. Nice Point.

Here is the answer.

When we developed our local group, we did it concentrating mostly on the expats community here: the country was developing and foreigners were coming quite constantly.

Something which the last economical events changed not in a pleasant way, motivating some of our members to get back to their motherlands or looking for better luck elsewhere, hopefully in warmer places.

So, suddenly, we felt the effect of lacking people..and so time..and so motivation...and so the whole spirit of what kept us going for almost three years now.

But now it is over.

We restart again.

And this time with something different and clear goals in our minds...goals we seriously want to share with those active readers who will feel like becoming an active part of the renewed and more ambitious BabelTallinn.

But, I am sorry, time is up now.

If you want to discover which are our plans, which our goals and which the skills we need as we never did before...well...drop a line to, subscribe to our RSS or keep coming here as often as you can...You will not regret it!