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Image for Cafébabel on the road: Following the journey of theTransEuropa Caravans

Cafébabel on the road: Following the journey of theTransEuropa Caravans

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Francesca Festa

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Cafébabel will follow the different routes undertaken by Transeuropa Caravans. Starting in May, five caravans will travel to five different European areas to meet and highlight local challenges, concentrating on ​​political rights and participation. Cafébabel will accompany you on these trips, to never lose your sense of direction. The caravans are ready for departure! Follow the updates on our social networks.

Crossing Europe to find the most important initiatives of social mobilisation in favour of the defence of fundamental rights, this is the objective of the Transeuropa Caravans project. The road to European democracy, promoted by European Alternatives, in collaboration with Krytyka Polityczna and the ECIT foundation will take place between the end of April and November 2019.

In order to bring out the various components of social activism in the old continent, Transeuropa Caravans consists of five caravans, each of which will touch at least three European Union countries to address key issues of contemporary societies.

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A thematic journey

We travel through Central Europe, East Germany, Austria and Hungary, with a focus on the "reduction of civic spaces." We then travel to Western Europe covering France, Spain and Portugal, focusing on the topic of "cities of solidarity." Next on our journey is the Visegrad route, where we cover Poland,Czech Republic and Slovakia, concentrating on the topics of "theater and culture." Last, but not the least we cover the Baltic sectionSweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia, focusing on the themes of "sustainability and climate change."

To conclude the project there will be a Mediterranean caravan, which unlike the first four, that will travel before the European Elections, will travel between the end of October and November. The theme of this caravan is "migrations and borders" and its final stop will be the city of Palermo, theatre of the European Alternatives festival, Transeuropa 2019.

Why Cafébabel

There are a few certainties in life, one knows. This is the same for CaféBabel. But the fact that cross-border journalism is one of our passions, is true. That’s why we have decided to support Transeuropa Caravans, offering a foundation for the communication of the project.

Cafébabel will follow the five caravans on social media, keeping you updated on the project via Facebook and Twitter. The hashtag will be #transeuropacaravans. You can also follow updates about the project on the European Alternatives social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Translated from Cafébabel, sulla strada della TransEuropa Caravans