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Cafebabel is looking for new board members

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On 29 June, the General Assembly of Babel International will take place in Brussels. We will be electing the new decision-making body and hope to see motivated applicants during this process.

Since 2001, our stories across the continent are depicting what Europe in real life is. Our magazine is a unique participatory platform for authors, reporters, writers, translators, film-makers, working together to report on the daily lives of young Europeans.

Today, Cafébabel has 150,000 unique visitors a month, 1 million page views, more than 50,000 beautiful stories published, 1,500 active contributors and a team of professional editors and journalists in Paris, Brussels, Rome, Madrid and Berlin.

Cafébabel is published by Babel International, an NGO based in France. In 2019, our reporters, writers, film-makers are spread across the continent (including Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Rome, Marseille).


Babel International is launching a participation call for its members (local teams of the network and individual contributors) to its decision-making body, the Steering Committee.

This committee is in charge of managing and organising Babel International and its network of volunteers. This is a great opportunity for young reporters, activists, communication professionals to make an impact on how to build a European public sphere and to implement changes they want to see at Cafébabel. Being a member of the Steering Committee is a great opportunity for reporters, young entrepreneurs and activists to get their hands dirty with project-management, organising events, and implementing their wildest dreams about European journalism.


You just need to have an already existing profile on our platform. In terms of personal investment to be a Steering Committee member:

The members are elected for a 2-year term. The Steering Committee organises a monthly Skype call. Members’ input to relevant documents may be requested ahead of such calls or on an ad hoc basis. Occasional trips on weekends could be required.

The Steering Committee is composed of at least 6 persons:

👉 2 elected members from our contributors (elected by the General Assembly)

👉 2 elected members from our local teams (elected by the General Assembly)

👉 2 appointed members (by the Steering Committee)

👉 The General Delegate of Babel International is a permanent guest.

Three of those members will be elected as President, Secretary-General and Treasurer of Babel International.

The election of the new Steering Committee and Board will take place at the General Assembly of Babel International.

When and where?

This meeting will take place in Brussels, on 29 June 2019. Candidates are welcome to apply before Saturday 15 June and join us during the General Assembly. Members of Babel International are also invited to attend, even if they are not applying. The only condition is to be a member (10€ fee for individual contributors, 50€ for local teams).

Members who are unable to attend the General Assembly are welcome by Skype. They can also ask for a proxy vote.

Interested in applying? Please fill this application form.

Deadline to apply: Saturday 15 June, 23:59

📥 Any questions: Please contact the President of Babel International Quentin Ariès,

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