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Cafébabel is looking for a Spanish Editor!

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Benjamin Bartz

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Encouraging a community of volunteer Spanish collaborators, publishing and translating their articles, proposing subjects of European interest and participating actively in the happenings of our organization. Are you ready to accept the challenge? Send your application before January 22, 2017 and come to Paris with us!

What is Cafébabel?

Thanks to the work of 1,500 collaborators and current volunteer translators all over Europe, Cafébabel is the main European participatory media. Founded by a team of old Erasmians driven by the idea of creating a means of communication truly European, Cafébabel approaches European current events with a fresh, self-assured and non-institutional tone, putting the focus on subjects that affect the Erasmus generation of Europe. Thanks to the work of our editorial team, Cafébabel publishes annually roughly 3,000 articles in six languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish.

Cafébabel is published by the International Babel Association, a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 with headquarters in Paris. The International Babel Association is financed with grants from European institutions and foundations. The objective of the association is to contribute to the emergence of a European public opinion.

Why Join Cafébabel? 

To join Cafébabel to involve yourself in the heart of a dynamic European team, investing your time in a collaborative and innovative media that is changing the way Europe communicates.

Working for Cafébabel means becoming a babeliano. It is contributing your ideas and your editorial sensibility as a European to develop your competencies in web journalism, encouraging a community of authors and volunteer translators.

What does it take to do 'service civique' on Cafébabel? 

'Service civique', a special agreement launched by the French government, allows young people between the ages of 18 and 26 to join an association to carry out a task in the interest of the public. Within the framework of Cafébabel, our goal is based on the promotion of European citizenship and the expression of young European people through participatory journalism. 

This position– 10 non-renewable months in duration– is available and having a degree is not a requirement. Just talk about your motivation and your will to apply yourself to our social project!

Your Job

You will be the model for the Spanish version of Cafébabel and the activity of the community of Spanish volunteers. Your boss will be Katharina Kloss, our publishing coordinator. You will constantly interact with current employees and other young people involved in the 'service civique' association.

Your Tasks:

  • You will motivate a community of Spanish authors: You will propose ideas for articles, photos and videos from a European perspective; you will encourage the members of our network of volunteers to contribute; you will accompany them and you will advise them in the writing process (angle, format, structure).

  • You will accompany young people with their writing tasks: You will read and publish articles and selected translations (improvement of articles, verification of owners and information), you will propose improvements to the authors and translators.

  • Improvement of the contributions of young people: Translating and publishing articles of collaborators, publishing them on social media, mobilizing our network of volunteer translators.

  • Increased youth awareness of European citizenship: Encouraging collaborators to write or to contribute in different ways to the magazine, and to assist them in social journalism.

  • You will contribute to Cafébabel: You will write articles, do interviews, and write news articles and translations on subjects related to the subject of European citizenship.

  • You will participate in the happenings of Cafébabel: you will be in contact with local Spanish groups of the association, you will participate in our events, seminars and as a case correspondent to our news programs.

Your Profile

A young man or woman 26 years old (required), with a desire to apply themselves to social media with headquarters in Paris.

If you are enthusiastic about social media and web culture, if you have a taste pronounced by the writing and edition of articles, if European current events from the perspective of society, culture or lifestyle interests you, if you are sensitive to the problems of youth and if you are knowledgeable in social media (blogs, the internet)... This is your site!

Your Contract & Your Compensation

Contract of involvement 'service civique' for a duration of 10 months, 35 hours per week. 

Start date: 20 February 2017 at the editorial office in Paris.  

Compensation (partially state funded + a compliment from the association):

467.34€ net per month as monthly compensation for 'service civique', paid by the state + 450€ for lodging (if you do not reside in Paris or the area) + 100.70€ in monthly restaurant tickets + 70€ for reimbursment of monthly metro voucher (with receipt).  

Possibility of receiving a bond of 100€ per month for beneficiaries of the "Révenu de solidarité activate" (RSA) (With receipt)

Terms: In order to be eligible for this type of contract, you must be no less than 26 years of age and must have been born later than February 20, 1991.

Where: 226 rue Saint Denis, 75002 Paris, France

How to Apply?

Send your application before January 22, 2017 by email (CV+ letter of intent in English or French + two articles in Spanish) to Katharina Kloss, publishing coordinator, and to Ana Valiente, to the following address: 

*Important: Include your full name in the title of each file that you send. Thanks!

Translated from ¡Cafébabel busca un animador de nuestra red de periodistas ciudadanos para la versión en español!