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Café debate brought political opponents together

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Vit Nejedlo


Another informal public debate organised by cafebabel Praha local team is over, so we would like to present a brief summary here for those of you could not come. The topic was Do we need to deepen the European integration? and as the guest speakers Mr. Richard Falbr, MEP, and Mr. Jan Zahradil, MEP, have come.

Although they represented different political programmes, they have shared the same opinion on some occasions when sitting at the same table. Zahradil+Falbr And that is the true spirit - to build a platform for a dialog about the current European affairs and to discuss such topics in a paceful way with a cup of coffee. The future schemes of European integration were presented - the deepening of the integration, the petrification of the current state of affairs and also the reverse progress of transferring the power from the EU level to the national one. The need of true European politicians who promote European themes and do not advocate particular national interests only was also discussed. debate_03_09 The question from the audience were touching the European constitution (the need of such a document, its character, lenght and structure, mainly in comparison with such a document existing within NATO). Other questions were about the ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland and the Czech Republic, the coherence of the European Foreign and Security Policy (with regrad to the anniversary of Kosovo campaign in 1999) or the influence of lobbysts on the EU decision-making.

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