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Bucharest – Paris Café

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With more than 50 blogs all over Europe and 26 local offices, the Community of Babelians grew strong, providing us tools for a better interaction and a wider space for expressing our ideas and communicating easier in Europe our local news.

cafebabel_local_teams_map.bmpAt the same time, the community and is getting more and more competitive. There is almost a struggle to get into the monthly top 10 of the best blogs.

French_Flag.bmp To let our voice heard more on the Babelsphere, Bucharest team concluded a partnership on content providing with Paris editorial office, this being the first binding partnership between two babel blogs.

What does it mean in fact?

That we have a new section on the Bucharest Blog: Bucharest - Paris Café, where we’ll publish articles from La Parisienne, translated for each linguistic versions we have on our blog. And vice versa for the Parisian publication. Also, the link to the original article will be provided.

What is the point of this exchange?

We’ll gain more visibility for our Babel Blog and, along with it, a wider European public. We’ll have the opportunity to better communicate the European news related to Romania and to express our views about it.

Besides, we’ll increase the pan-European debate on the Babel Community, by facilitating the access to Eastern European perspectives and information.

5 languages for our European news

Our articles will be translated into French and Italian and, along with the linguistic versions we have, we’ll cover 4 out of 7 Babel Languages, plus Romanian.

Why Paris?

That’s a quite simple answer. Little Paris (like was named Bucharest in the 19th century) already has many binding relations with his elder brother, Paris, due to its Francophile profile.

Moreover, Paris team has a larger experience and, thus, a larger visibility on Babel Community (4th place in blogs’ top 10 in October). Besides, as active Babelians, we should let our European voice heard and interact more than once a year at the General Assembly.

We’re looking forward to a fruitful partnership with Paris and encourage others, between different babel blogs.

by Camelia Paraschiv

Credit Photo: Flag of France, orangejack/Flickr