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Bozar Night: An Evening Set to Electronic Music

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Arwen Dewey

Our journalist was in Brussels for Bozar Night on the 10th of November. Here is his reaction, including a photo gallery of the top 3 performances on this unforgettable night of electronic music. 

 The electronic night at BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels was an enormous and well-deserved success. Here are the 3 performances that thrilled us most.

DJ Débruit

Third place goes without contest to DJ Débruit and the world premiere performance of his Istanbul Live Show. Artist-Producer Xavier Thomas (aka Débruit) mixed Mediterranean music with colourful rhythms and synth, tribal sounds, and a futuristic perspective.

The Space Lady

Second place goes to The Space Lady, who is nothing less than a living legend of music. She arrived in Brussels with her winged helmet and a basic Casio keyboard. Her performance was minimalist, and she was both generous and brilliant; her interpretations of pop music are clearly a means of showing her listeners their own nostalgia and fears, and pointing out the struggles of the modern world.

Golden Teacher

Finally, at the top of the list is the captivating performance of Golden Teacher. They had just arrived from Glasgow, and we loved their unlikely mix of nerd-wannabe musicians and an Afrobeat singer with hypnotic dance moves. The whole crowd danced with her as she led us all the way to the end of a wild and wonderful night.

Translated from Bozar Night : une nuit au rythme de la musique électronique