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Blog under attack!

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My blog has recently come under attack of spammers, who post identical set of 10 comments on each entry in French. This week I had to delete over 1000 spam comments. Even though I begged the webmaster to set different spam filters or allow bloggers to set their own spam filters (e.g.

ban certain users, hold comments with more than two links for moderation, etc), I got no response, so perhaps nothing can be done within the current system. Meanwhile, the system classifies comments as spam if they contain some totally innocent (yet popular in spam) words as "interesting" or "amazing".

Dear readers, please have some patience. I'll try to look for a solution to this. Let's hope that the wave of spam comments will pass, or that some technical solution will be installed into the system. Otherwise I will consider moving to the WordPress platform I use for my Lithuanian blog. But as of now I really want to stay with CafeBabel.