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Big Mouth!

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Summer is coming, and with it comes barbeques and the opportunity to stuff yourself senseless.

In England, the large man by the side of the barbeque is probably eating like a pig. An opinion shared by the Hungarians, who say the same thing, úgy eszel, mint a disznó. The rational Germans also say that he could be eating for three people, für drei essen. While the weight-conscious Italians, observing the Englishman’s bulging waist line, say ho mangiato come un vitello, you eat like a cow.

If you take more of that chicken that you can manage to eat, the English remark that you have eyes bigger than your belly. The French agree with the English (it had to happen sometime), saying avoir les yeux plus gros que le ventre. While in Hungarian, it is only your eyes that feel like eating, csak a szemed kívánja.

But be careful at those summer barbeques, because the French can be as hungry as wolves, avoir une faim de loup. And we all know the French eat a lot of strange things…