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Image for Berlin film festival 2011 for the boys, featuring Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey and Ralph Fiennes

Berlin film festival 2011 for the boys, featuring Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey and Ralph Fiennes

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The star factor was heavy in the opening two days of the Berlin film festival, which runs in the German capital between 10 and 20 February. Jeff Bridges and Josh Brolin take lead roles in the Coen Brothers' movie True Grit whilst Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons star in Wall Street crash drama Margin Call. Jailed Iranian director and jury member Jafar Panahi represents the absent, whilst films like Russian oligarch Khodorkovsky and Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon give the festival a decidedly political rather than glamorous flavour

Coen brothers

Joel (L) und Ethan open the 2011 Berlin film festival with their adaptation of sixties western True Grit (2010).

Read Berlin's blog review of True Grit here

All images ©Katarzyna Swierc

Blinking Jeff

The unforgettable Big Lebowski star Jeff Bridges picked up an oscar in 2010 for Crazy Heart. He is up for the gong again for his turn in True Grit. All images ©Katarzyna Swierc

True Grit

True Grit actors Josh Brolin, Hailee Steinfeld and Jeff Bridges at the film's Berlin premiere. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

True Grit

True Grit's Josh Brolin with his wife, actress Diane Lane. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Big Jeff

Jeff Bridges has been in the industry for over forty years. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Jeff & Joel

Joel Coen directed Bridges as 'Dude' in The Big Lebowski in 1998, a film with cult status. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Berlinale jury 2011

Iranian director Jafar Panahi (absent), (from left to right) Indian actor Aamir Khan, German actress Nina Hoss, British costume designer Sandy Powell, Australian producer Janet Chapman, jury chairman Isabella Rossellini and Canadian director Guy Maddi. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Nina Hoss

In Germany the actress is known for Bernd Eichinger's Das Mädchen Rosemarie. In 2007 she won a bear for her role in Christian Petzold's drama Yella. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Heike Makatsch

The German Hildegard Knef actress also showed up at the True Grit premiere. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Katrin Sass

Good Bye Lenin actress Mama Katrin Sass brings the German actress attendance to an all-time high. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Spaced out in Berlin

J.C. Chandor's film Margin Call, in which the two-time oscar-winner plays the main role, takes us through the night the world economic crash took place in 2008. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Kevin Spacey and co

The Margin Call gang from left to right: Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons, Kevin Spacey and Zachary Quinto. Demi Moore, who plays a risk analyst in the film, didn't show... All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Two Brits and an American

 All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Bruno Ganz

Ganz co-stars in the thriller Unknown alongside Liam Neeson and Diane Krüger. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

German politics

Presidential couple Bettina and Christian Wulff. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

German politics

Chancellor Angela Merkel was there for the premiere of Pina by Wim Wenders. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

German politics

Dieter Kosslick, director of the Berlin film festival, and Claudia Roth, MP for Bündnis 90/Die Grünen. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Fiennes debuts as director

The British actor Ralph Fiennes (Schindler's List, The English Patient) produced, directed and starred in the Shakespeare adaptation of Coriolanus - a Valentine's day gift to Berlin. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Ralph Fiennes & Gerard Butler

In Coriolanus Fiennes plays a Roman war hero is banished by his people. Butler is his respected arch enemy.

Read the film review at Berlin's blog (English).

 All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc


(L-R): British actress Vanessa Redgrave, Scottish actor Gerard Butler, Ralph Fiennes and American beauty Jessica Chastain. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler reminds us of his turns in 300 (2003) and Beowulf (2005) as he takes on the role of Tullus Aufidius in Coriolanus. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Redgrave & Fiennes

  British best. All images: ©Katarzyna Swierc

Translated from Berlinale 2011: Jeff Bridges & Kevin Spacey rocken den roten Teppich