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Image for Ben Heine and the digital circlist painting

Ben Heine and the digital circlist painting

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Digital Circlism is invented by Ben Heine, Belgian cartoonist, teacher and much more. In 'Leopard' Ben painted each circle on a black surface and he didn't really pay attention to symmetry or details. That makes the outcome one of my favourite Ben's circlist work. Below the making of Leopard.

making_of_Leopard.jpg Each work required a lot of patience and time.

Mad.jpg This circlist portrait of Johnny Depp as seen in Tim Burton's movie "Alice in Wonderland" took several days of work. Each colored circle is individually painted on a black surface.

mad_details.jpg The details of Mad Hatter\Johnny Depp give an idea of the work required.

Beh Heine is every where on the web:

facebook, personal home page, blog, flickr