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Image for Banksy: graffiti phenomenon of 60th Berlin film festival (10 images)

Banksy: graffiti phenomenon of 60th Berlin film festival (10 images)

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Call him Banks, Robert Banks. Or Banksy’ll do. His name is technically all we are supported to know about this man, who helped shake up this year’s film festival with his debut film Exit through the Gift Shop. You’ll find his graffiti in cities across the globe and on political hotspots like the West Bank barrier in Israel. Festival director Dieter Kosslick announced that Banksy was somewhere in the audience, albeit anonymously; the Bristolian has managed to guard his identity over the years, despite his growing success.’s festival correspondents went on a mystery trail to find the phantom in the German capital

One of Berlin's last squats

Banksy woz here (Image: ©Katarzyna Swierc)


Costume of choice: a hoodie  (Image: ©Katarzyna Swierc)

Check how this dude draws

Banksy's favourite animal is a rat who is often depicted carrying a pencil... (Image: ©Katarzyna Swierc)

Robin who?

... we're looking for a lanky man in his mid-thirties! (Image: ©Katarzyna Swierc)

Is this Banksy style?

(Image: ©Katarzyna Swierc)

Banksy was in Berlin on a graffiti tour in the summer of 2003 or 2004 - where this image must have originated from (Image: ©Katarzyna Swierc)

Plus a template (Image: ©Katarzyna Swierc)

(Image: ©Katarzyna Swierc)

Catch Banksy's Exit through the Gift Shop in the UK from 5 March 2010

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Translated from Banksy, das Streetart-Phantom der 60. Berlinale