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Balkan Youth Intercultural Dialogue Conference Starts in Istanbul

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Ozcan Tikit


An Activity within the European Youth Week organized by Turkish National Agency starts this week on wednesay. Cafebabel Istanbul previously publihshed an article to invite Babelians this conference which will end on 8'th November. Lots of our readers from European countries apllied through Cafebabel Istanbul blog to partcipate, applications forwarded to Turkish National Agency.

So far as we informed by Turkish National Agency all applications from European Babelians have been accepted. Also on behalf cafebabel Istanbul team and I will do a speech to share my opinion on Importance of Intercultural Dialogue and the Role of Media. Participant NGO's and youth focused on intercultural dialogue will exchange their ideas on 'how to' and 'what to do' to improve dialogue culture' between countries and nations. Turkey has always been EU's gateway to the world and I consider this conference as a crucial step toward encouraging dialogue at Balkans. . We will inform you about conclusions of conference and publish the speeches of speakers as well. Bytheway the writer of this text :-) woluld like to welcome all Balkanian participants who are reading these verses from Turkey.

Ozcan Tikit