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Jean Anot

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Hello everyone! The Babelpost is your weekly newsletter with fresh info on babelblogs and community stuff. Read it. It’s made for you! What blogs did you read most? (from 05/13 to 05/23)

  1. Brussels New top blog this week! A few days away from the Belgian European Presidency, this is no surprise!



A great Cafebabel debate just took place in Berlin, some stories to come through under short notice.

  1. Coffeefactory

    the editor's blog is still a busy place. Keep getting some fresh news from us!

  2. Athens

    Have a look at Elina's shoutout and react!

  3. Arirusila

  4. Strasbourg

  5. Eurogeneration

  6. Paris

  7. Sofia

  8. Budapest

    What articles were the most successful?

  9. Jean-Luc Godard cancells his much anticipated appearance to Cannes following problems of "Greek type"

  10. Boy + Girl = Gender Equality. A great initiative by the Comission explained.

  11. Three correspondents win European Young Journalist Award 2010

    The blog of the week is Strasbourg. It's mostly in french but they feature videos and great focus on the European news for a special "mois de l'Europe".


Cheers and see you next week,

Jean, your community manager

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