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Babelpost 1: end of summer

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Hello freshly tanned Babelians and all those still searching for the summer sun!Babelpost is the monthly newsletter with fresh info on babelblogs, forums and community stuff. Read it. It’s made for you! It’s the same routine year in, year out: go back to school or back to work after a too short summer. Eventually you’ll get used again dragging you out-of bed, obeying your alarm clock.

But hey, this year it won’t be the same...

What’s on:  big shakeup at

                                               Good-bye to Jean-SébFirst the bad news: your beloved community editor Jean-Séb has left for new East European adventures and you have to get used to a new name – it’s me! – not easy to pronounce: . But that’s about the only thing you could be sad about. is constantly increasing its readership and YOU are the major part of it. We believe in participatory journalism and give you the opportunity to express yourself.


Want to comment on the Italian President recording a CD with love songs for Christmas (yes, Berlusconi sings himself)? Or why not tell the world which hopes you have for the staring Champions League? You could as well talk about the strange country that you explore as an Erasmus student this semester. Everything is possible on a babelblog and on top we offer to the polyglot babelians a platform in several language versions.

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Questions? Remarks? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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So long


(The new community guy)

Read in the babelpost 2: how to use comments and forums.