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Babelblogs: little princes and book fair bombs

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Some European member states don't get much attention, but are often worth a detour. Our multilingual community blogs take you there

Greece in full protest against China

As a rule Greece, who has been a member state of the EU for 27 years, doesn’t give much cause for comment. This week however, 'Greek Press' Pressealagrecque had a ringside seat and describes events in Athens during the lighting of the Olympic torch soon to belong to Peking. A celebration disrupted by the French association Reporters without Borderscondemned violence in Tibet. Heated Greek responses

European pot pourri

How well do you know Sarajevo? The Przezbalkany blog talks about it and shows some photos of a town that is at the heart of European history and its region, the Balkans. The scene of a bloody war during the nineties and a genocide that the EU refused to acknowledge, the Balkans remain filled with tension. Read about it in two articles on the Muslims of Bosnia

After a long silence, the Borderslab blog returns to the babel blogosphere. And with gusto! In two days, the small team of authors have published a whole series of photos from Italy and Jordan, some accompanied by tales of Europe, borders and humanity. A pot-pourri to interpret as you will

My country is my childhood

'Le Petit Prince' by Saint-Exupery (Photo: Michel Kerr/Flickr)

The cafébabel team in Barcelona tackle a subject related to travel - expatriation. They ask the question that all of us have to ask at one moment or another: de donde soy? or 'where do I come from?' A Franco-Spanish journalist living in the Catalan capital tries to answer this difficult question. In his response he quotes French author Saint-Exupéry for whom we come from our childhood, as much as we come from a country

Bomb alert

Sometimes, the nearest of destinations can hide the most extraordinary adventures! On the blog La Parisienne ('The Parisian'), you will find the French tale of an Italian thrown into chaos at the International Book Fair in Paris on 16 March when a bomb alert was announced. What stands out the most from her well documented experience is the Parisians' ability to keep cool facing this situation and her fear afterwards of getting onto public transport

And the winner is…

On's main blog coffeefactory, you will find the Top Ten blogs with the most hits in March 2008. The struggle for the top place is tough. And don’t forget, dear Babelian reader, if you want to, you can also take part in this virtual sprint - open your own Babelblog! All you need to do is get in touch with us at

Photos: homepage (Julien Franco/ Flickr), in-text: Athens (redgum/ Flickr), Petit Prince (Michel Kerr/ Flickr), children (allegrO/ Flickr)

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