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Andrew Duff Welcomes Irish guarantees on Lisbon

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European Federalists

Following the agreement of the Heads of Government on Ireland’s legal dispositions today at the EU summit, UEF President Andrew Duff said: The Irish government has done well to craft interpretations of the Lisbon treaty which are specific to the Irish case and which will not affect its interpretation in other States. The substance of the original treaty contract is untouched.

But Ireland has got what it needs to clarify the meaning of the treaty so that its second referendum will be free from the distortions and confusion which marked the first referendum campaign.

Coupled with the decision not to reduce the size of the European Commission (as long as the Lisbon treaty enters into force), the pro-treaty parties have won enough to fight a self-confident, united and successful campaign to win over Irish hearts and minds in favour of a stronger and more democratic European Union.