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And the nerds shall inherit the earth

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We might get in trouble for that title. No seriously, though. When did MEPs start letting uncouth hacker youths set up shop in their shiny Brussels HQ? We at Cafebabel Brussels have been trying to envision what TONIGHT'S first ever EU-sanctioned hackathon might look like.

We've come up with this: a cornucopia of collaborative cross-legged carpet dwellers, Mountain Dew (can you even get that in Europe?), polystyrene cups of tepid Nescafé (that's certainly available), and lots of jumpers tied around waists. The goal of the event is to gather talented European developers to "facilitate the co-creation of tools based on existing code and data sources within a 24-hour time constraint in two distinct and parallel development tracks, both focused on enabling transparency and accountability in the information society". Basically, lots of laptops and tap tap tapping into the wee hours in the pursuit of transparency on behalf of Europe's information-age denizens, both pale basement dwellers and non-nerds alike. Stay tuned to see if our predictions come true. Click this for more details on the event.