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Adriano Farano: “Ciao cafebabel”

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Jean Anot

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Jean Anot

inside cafébabel

Dear Babelians, I would like to inform you that I no longer work for After nine years with you, it’s time for me to turn the page of the wonderful story we’ve been writing together.

3732151214_80774e5ce5_b.jpg Since 2001, we have re-invented journalism with a new form of hybrid and productive collaboration. We’ve built what is today one of the oldest on-line publications in Europe – studied and discussed even in American universities. We have contributed to the emergence of a European public opinion raising the voice of our generation. We’ve been speaking our mind in all the languages of this continent and beyond.

Today, I want to tell you I feel myself so proud of this journey we spent together; so thankful for the relationship we had – I have learned a lot from each of you, always; so confident in the future of this project which is now chaired by Simon Loubris and directed by Alexandre Heully.

I also want to tell you I am so happy and excited about my new life. I am working now as independent consultant to help media companies in organizing their collaborative journalism experiences, leverage on new business models and go international.

But I am also to leave Europe for nine months. In August, I will fly to California since I have been awarded a Knight Fellowship for Professional Journalists at Stanford. I feel this opportunity as a sort of Erasmus 2.0. Let’s hope it will give me the same breath and spirit I felt with Nicola Dell’Arciprete and many of you in Strasbourg almost ten years ago – to open a new cycle of innovation for journalism.

Building a pan-European public sphere – that mission is still alive and is one worth pursuing it for longtime yet. The show must – and will – go on.

Grazie a tutti.

Ad maiora,

Adriano Farano

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Translated from Adriano Farano: “Ciao cafebabel”