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A star is born

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My brother wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth but nevertheless I consider him to be extremely lucky. Indeed, whatever he does, he always appears to land on his feet. Perhaps he was born under a lucky star? The Spanish agree, in fact when ‘se nace con estrella’, one is born with a star. In Germany, they tick with a star, but it's either good or lucky 'unter einem guten Stern or unter einem glücklichen Stern'! It seems that luck and good fortune are more often than not associated with material goods and financial wealth. For in France, a baby born with a silver spoon in its mouth, ‘être né avec une cuillère en argent dans la bouche’, has every chance of becoming a daddy’s girl.Whilst in Italy if someone is fortunate, they were born with a sirt ‘nascere con la camicia’. In French, people say 'Avoir une chance de cocu', meaning your lover is probably cheating on you if you are lucky, and for the same expression in Catalan, people say 'aquest ha nascut amb una flor al cul', which literally means that to be born with a flower in the bottom.

Shirtless, spoon less, starless or without a loaf of bread... it seems that in Spain, fortune smiles on some but not others ‘unos nacen con estrella y otros nacen estrellados’.