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A brief note about Ada Milea in Absurdistan

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'Eu mi-aş băga/ Graniţa-n raniţă/ Ţara în raniţă/ Şi... gata!'

'I would stuff/ My country into my backpack/

My border into my backpack/ And... that's it!'

Ode to Absurdistan can be YouTubed @

On 26 April 2006 Oxford Times made the point that 'the edges of Europe have much to teach us' - with reference to 'The Island'.

The performance put forward by the two Romanians: Ada Milea -musician, writer, actress- and Alexander Balanescu -virtuoso violonist, composer- 'was commissioned to ceate a new work by Oxford Contemporary Music in cooperation with South Hill Park and iF06' (Paul Medley, Oxford Times 2006). To the Romanian public Ada Milea is known as an alternative artist mainly through her atypical shows, which stage original musical interpretations of literature pieces ranging from Don Quijote to Daniil Harms short stories. Additionally, albums like 'Sound aberrations' or 'Absurdistan' - a collection of own creations e.g. 'Ceausescu is not dead', 'The border in the backpack', 'From now we will eat roses' - assume utmost self irony in depicting representative realities of post '89 Romania.