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1 June off & 2 think through!

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The social scientist in me is criyng for a basic discourse analysis of post-communist citizens' FaceBook statuses today. But my 6 to-do are screaming even louder. 06.01.2011 or 6 in 1 - my burning tasks in a single day - that is. Which-ever. So why pick on it today? Because it's a blogger's job to leave aside her x tasks and say: “hey, what's going on?

” - which to be honest I almost always brilliantly fail to do. As an idependent being, I have the duty to cry out loud before placing any blame. I missed women's day, migrant's strike, Christmas (when a fellow national attempted suicide in the Parliament) & I would have missed June 1st too, had I not reactivated my account & gotten my burning task-solving mood flooded with B-day wishes, among my 25+ friends wishing each other “happy B-day!?” :I


Honestly now, Children's Day was a cornerstone – for all those dependant beings, subjected to various abuses when under 18 or 20 something (is there any correlation between pshychological developement & geographic location, btw?!) who gained recognition as humans - and thus subjects of human rights, (improving thus their former status as company pets, work force or simply inheritors of whatever parents expected them to carry on as financial or physhcological legacy). However even Good Old Wikipedia is aware that “major global variants include an International Children's Day on June 1 as adopted in the former Communist bloc, and a Universal Children's Day on November 20, by United Nations recommendation.” Now... how could I possibly carry on with my 6 burning tasks, when my Wall is flooded with communist lyrics & incomprehensible wishes of the type...


“A wonderful world in which you will find/ Only children/ A world with loads of sun and many toys/ Only for children/ In the world with stories and flowers you will meet/ Only children/ & a world of innocence keep it come what may/ For children!” Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating a world without toys, nor child soldiers. On the contrary, I'd suggest you all take a look at Zero Under Eighteen, the FB page discussiong the implications for children affected by conflict. It's essential to have a symbolic acknowledgement and legal defense of powerless beings. But in order for this to happen, let us (the 25+) consider what we have achieved (from the time we emerged from baby milk, and alas adherent confort for some) & use this voice for issues we would have addressed if we could, when we ourselves were kids in a not so wonderful world with too many stories, and too few toys!