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Die Linke -- for a social Berlin?

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Sandro Marques

“Weil es um das Soziale geht“. Because it is about the social, is the main phrase in Die Linke political campaign. All around Berlin, this is the catch phrase we can read. For a left wing political party, it is without surprises that the main topics focused on their placards and outdoors are related with social issues.

Problems of people’s everyday life like the price of rents, better wages, more and better jobs for all.

Concerns about education policies which can provide better equipment and more hired teachers are part of their political campaign. Public supply of electricity, water and public transports can also be found on Die Linke messages. „Mit allen Stimmen für das soziale Berlin“, with all the votes for a social Berlin can be read on the placards where the candidate’s faces are shown, connecting each of them with the messages mentioned before.

One placard makes the website viewers preferences, according with an internal poll. It is the one where we can read, in different languages, the phrase: Equal rights for all. Because “Wir alle sind Berlin”, they say it and we also could. In the same poster Berliners can also read that: „Erst die Kulturelle Vielfalt macht Berlin so spannend. Es ist nicht immer einfach, aber anregend für alle“. It is the cultural diversity that makes Berlin so exciting. It is not always easy, but stimulating for everyone.

I wonder if all these messages are read in the same way by all Berliners. In Neukölln, there is a specific placard with the message: “Menschen vor Profite: Mieten runter, Löhne rauf!", meaning that people should be before profits. Does this means the same for an inhabitant of this neighborhood as it does in the “Wild-West?” That is how it goes with Die Linke.